Flat Rock | Wentworth Falls | Engagement | Lisa & Luke

Lisa and Luke are marrying next month at Ottimo House. In preparation for their big day, we had a little practice with their engagement session. They chose Flat Rock in Wentworth Falls. This is another gorgeously picturesque location in the Blue Mountains. It is famous for its openness – it is a lookout without any barricades. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend it for those afraid of heights. It really is a great spot for soaking in a magnificent view.

This was the first session that I’ve had at this location where the sun wasn’t blazing down. I actually really enjoyed the look that the moody, blue clouds created. Because there was no haze, you could really see the blueish richness to the mountains. We took some photos on the rock, in the native greenery (some of which was burnt in a bushfire last year) and on the dusty, dirt road.

These two were so incredibly natural to photograph which always translates so beautifully into pictures. We pride ourselves on capturing natural interactions and real moments. We won’t to capture genuine memories of this time special time in your relationship.

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