Lennox Bridge | Glenbrook | Engagement | Karley & Joel

Karley and Joel are tying the knot next month. They chose the beautiful Lennox Bridge in the Blue Mountains for their engagement session. Though there were barricades around the bridge prohibiting us to use some areas, we wandered around the gorgeous surrounding bushland and took some really beautiful pictures.

A perfect way to prepare for your big day is to have a pre-wedding/engagement session so that you can meet your photographer again and get a feel for being in front of the camera. We have a very natural style so we 100% recommend doing one.

It was really so great to catch up with these two and I can’t wait to capture their April wedding.

Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0001Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0002Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0003Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0004Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0005Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0006Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0007Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0008Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0009Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0010Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0011Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0012Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0013Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0014Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0015Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0016Lennox Bridge_Engagement_Bless Photography_0017

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