Glenorie | Anzac Day Wedding | Rachael & Adam

Rachael and Adam are a down to earth, genuine pair and are super lovely in every way. They were together for about 7 years before they said I do. They actually met long before that at an annual Christmas holiday some 19 years ago and for many years they had their eyes on each other. Adam proposed to Rach on Good Friday on a friend’s property. The clever cookie managed to hide the engagement ring (that he designed) inside a Kinder Surprise egg and popped the question on top of a hill overlooking the property as the sun set – How magical is that?!

All of Rach and Adam’s milestones had happened in April so it seemed natural for them to have their big day in the same month. Anzac Day has always meant a lot to both of them, so when they realised that the centenary fell on a Saturday, the decision was made – even before they were officially engaged!

Rachael and Adam wanted a blacktie bush affair with a Sunday family dinner feel. Being on Anzac Day, the Australian  Bush was the main focus. They had a rustic, afternoon bush ceremony at Adam’s family’s property using hay bails and a timber arbor that Adam had made. As the night wore on the celebration moved into the barn for dinner. An elegant banquet setting was created using long tressle tables covered in Eucalypts, Rosemary and brass candles. After a minute of silence to honour the fallen, they said grace and shared a meal of homegrown lamb. All whilst listening to some chilled out tunes performed live by Tillee Music.

This was a gorgeously intimate and rustic wedding. What was so special about it, was that it really reflected the passion and the personality of the bride and groom. That candle lit barn, glowed long into the night. It really was such a beautiful way to spend Anzac Day.

You can see Rachael and Adam’s wedding featured here on Nouba.

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Dress – Estelle by Wendy Makin – Vision in White | Bride’s Shoes – Cotton On | Bridesmaid Dresses – SheikeHair & Makeup – Viktorias Hair & Beauty | Flowers – Martin Place Flowers | Stationery – Minted | Celebrant – Justin Milne | Music – Tillee Music | Catering – Violets & Vinegar | Cake – Keep it Short & Sweet

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