Jess & Josh welcomed their first born child on the 21st of December 2012. Having went to school with both Jess & Josh, it still seems so unbelievable that we have all grown up! 

It was such a pleasure to photograph this gorgeous little family at such a very special time. At just 8 days old, little Maverick Joshua really didn’t want any of our shoot (poor little man!) – It just seemed like it wasn’t his day. But despite this, I was able to capture some really natural & precious moments. Some adoring glances exchanged between husband and wife and doting ones on a perfect little baby boy.

The name  Maverick originates from America in the 19th century.

Maverick: “An independent man who avoids conformity. ” 

Though only a little man now, I believe Maverick will grow to become a strong leader in Christ. 

Thank you to the Sylvester family for inviting me into your home & sharing this afternoon with me. xoxo

By the end of the shoot, he sure was ready for a snooze!!!


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