I was lucky enough to meet Laura through a friend. I am always looking out for people that I can collaborate with on creative projects. When I contacted Laura to ask if she would like to work with me on this shoot, I didn’t actually realise that she is an agency model! I feel so blessed that she was so keen to work with me and that we worked so well together. 

The concept behind this shoot was “Lady of the Lake.” Words that painted this concept furthermore were “Elegance, Grace, Femininity and Natural Beauty.”

I wanted to portray the effortless beauty and grace of a woman in a soft, subtly intimate and romantic manner using soft sunset light and vintage fashion. I wanted to express an intimate, almost fragile side of beauty by immersing my subject fully clothed in a lake.  

Laura was the perfect model for the shoot. We used the gorgeous Wheeney Creek in the Hawkesbury for the location. Her 6.2 ft frame showcased a collection of vintage pieces that she had borrowed from her mother. Laura couldn’t help but naturally exude an effortless grace in her movements and in the manner in which she held herself. 

I am beyond pleased with the result of this collaboration! The images have a nostalgic and classic beauty about them that I could have only hoped they would. Thank you to the lovely Laura Nicols. You are a true beauty and not just outward. 

P.s Let me leave you with this image – Here we are, gorgeous Laura with her magnificent height of 6.2ft and myself, maybe 5.7ft. We are making our way to the location through the creek (yup, through the water, camera gear and all…) and here you have Laura leading the way, the water maybe a quarter up her shins. Her strides are effortless and graceful. She is not phased by the water or the soft, shifting sand at her feet. Then there’s me. I am about 3 metres behind Laura, the water is hitting my knees and as I am sloshing through it, I am sinking in patches of soft sand, splashing & losing balance. It was one of those moments you would see in a comedy film. I guess you just had to be there!! It’s times like these that remind me to ease up and not take myself too seriously!






















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