New Beginnings


“This is the beginning. This is the start of a new chapter. This is the planting of a seed. Bless Photography was an idea and a dream a few years ago and now it has become a reality – an amazing reality.”

For the first Blog post by Bless, I wanted to share some insight on my beginning. For those of you who know me personally, you would know that I am very organised and planned. Setting sail into the world after high school, I chose to pursue interior design at college. It was during my time as a student that I had an assignment that required that I take photographs. I was a little technology illiterate as a teen (the old soul that I am!) and I never had enough confidence in myself to really play around with a digital camera or editing software (or even computers for that matter!). Forced to face my self-doubt, I discovered an art that was made for me. I felt like my creative soul had found an overflowing spring to drink from. I was revived; rejuvenated. From this moment on, I knew that photography and I had a place together somewhere, I just wasn’t sure where.

Stuck in my plans, I continued and completed my degree and set forth to become an interior designer. Interior design was tough getting into. I began this journey as a showroom sales consultant, where I interacted with designers daily. I believed that this job was my ticket to getting my foot in the door. However, it was at this point in my life that photography knocked on my door again.

My fiancé at the time (now my husband!) was starting his videography business and often asked me if I could help assist him at various jobs. Agreeing to help out, I found myself tagging along to a few weddings. It was at one of his first weddings, my first time helping, that photography spoke to me again. I was watching the photographer at work – watching how she interacted with the newlyweds, how she used her camera, how she set up the shots. I was mesmerised by it all. At that point, all I knew was that I had to do that – that photography was for me. As exciting as this all was, I was devastated.  As I had invested years and money into interior design, I felt like I couldn’t turn my back on it. This “new” idea didn’t fit into the plans that I had designed for myself. I felt a little lost as my heart and my mind battled each other. Eventually, my heart won and it seemed as though all of a sudden my life’s path took a massive turn into a new direction where photography paved the way.

Studying photography has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Through it, I have discovered a new part of myself and a passion that I haven’t felt in years. I have always been a creative soul, but I think that somewhere along my way, I lost my passion. When I found photography it was like I found a missing piece of my heart. I love the creative control that it provides. As a photographer, I am an artist and I love composing beautiful photographs for others to keep and treasure.

Okay, okay. So after all that rambling, here is my point: This is the beginning of my dream. The plans I had for myself did not match the plans that God had for me and though I resisted for a while, in the end I trusted HIM. And that’s how you can start a new beginning. Sometimes you can’t see the bigger picture, sometimes you’re afraid, sometimes you have doubt or you’re stuck in your own ways. You can start a new beginning today by stepping out in FAITH. I did, and I’ll never look back! You can do it too!

Thank you for reading my first Blog post and for your support as I start my dream. 

Until next time,

Tamar xo

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