Jess and Josh are expecting their first baby this December.

This sweet little gift is known by the name “Poppy.”

I asked Jess, “Are you having a little girl and naming her Poppy?” Jess answered, “We are keeping it a surprise. We found out we were pregnant when our baby was the size of a poppy seed, and so the name “Poppy” kind of stuck.”

I loved photographing my old school mates. It really is so crazy how quick time flies by! Jess and Josh started dating in high school. They told me at our shoot that they thought it was very fitting that I take these photographs as if it weren’t for me, they might not be together and married today. I was surprised by this comment as I could not recall anything that I may have done. It turns out that  back in the day, Josh wrote Jess a love letter to declare his feelings for her and he gave it to me to pass on to her! I can’t believe that I forgot such an honour!

I am thrilled to have been a part of God’s plan in bringing these lovebirds together. 

It is not long now until Jess and Josh welcome their baby into the world. Honestly, I am busting to find out if it will be a boy or a girl! I have a feeling I know, but I won’t say! 

I am so excited for this beautiful couple and send them all my love and best wishes. Thanks for sharing this lovely time with me. xoxo


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