More of Us

We are always keeping an eye out for inspiration to get our creative juices flowing and to feed our imaginations. Us photographers get visually excited over light and locations. Over venues and flowers, dresses, accessories, textures and colours. It all mixes together with the stories we hear and see which makes us feel an array of emotions. We absorb our surroundings and it all translates into our photographs. So I think it’s so important to keep pushing the envelope – To keep changing up our landscapes, to travel, to meet and work with new people and stretch our limits.

Collaborating with other artists – (vendors, businesses, models…) is a great way to be inspired. We all bring something to the table and we take away inspiration, new connections and some extraordinary images to share with the world – (not to mention the creative high!)

Here is a compilation of some the prettiness that I have captured working with some extremely talented folk and on my own adventures. It needs to be shared.