Lennox Bridge | Glenbrook | Engagement | Emma & Matt

I spent a lovely afternoon with Emma and Matt enjoying the crispness of a late Autumn afternoon in the gorgeous Blue Mountains. In the midst of planning their wedding, they both appreciated spending an hour or so together with no distractions to capture some moments during their engagement.

Matt and Emma met a few years back on the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km hike. They met at the 60km mark to be exact!  A mutual friend introduced them, but at the time it was all a blur amongst the sweat, fatigue and adrenaline of the challenge. It was Matt’s ruggedness, handsomeness and his athletic abilities (as he decided he would run some of the way!) that caught Emma’s eye. Meeting again at a post-event party they clicked immediately – and it was on from there!

Though Emma had planned to relocate overseas to work, the heart wants what the heart wants and they made it work with distance between them for months on end. Matt would fly out to meet Emma when when it worked and the two would adventure throughout Europe. They travelled through Spain, Portugal, France and then in Monaco, in the private dining room of the famous Monte Carlo Casino Matt proposed! It was such an amazing moment – (although apparently the waiters weren’t quite sure what was going on, as neither Emma or Matt’s French was up to scratch!) They continued to travel through Italy, Greece, Turkey and Germany before heading back to England and then eventually home to Australia to plan their October wedding at the Hydro Majestic in Medlow Bath. What a story to tell!

It was so lovely to meet up with this pair again and I am so looking forward to their gorgeous, Blue Mountains wedding in Spring!

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