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Tahlee and Michael tied the knot last December at Appin House. This lovely couple were destined to be together. Their story begins back in the flirty days of high school. Science was their favourite as they shared the class. They would sit together and Tahlee would steal Michael’s books and scribble on the covers – “Michael loves Tahlee.” How cute is that! After school they parted ways, but eventually ran into each other again. After one meet up they were inseparable.

They had a very simple and chilled out celebration with their nearest and dearest – Really, it was more like a party. Their wedding had a boho/vintage feel. Tahlee’s gown from the Babushka Ballerina was absolutely stunning!

To keep it fuss free, they decided to not have a bridal party and keep the experience all to themselves and why not?! The greatest piece 0f advice that I like to give my couples, is to plan your day your way. There are no HAVE TO’s. It’s all about you and what you want. It can be as traditional or as untraditional as you want it to be. And really, it’s a great opportunity to be creative and put your own stamp on your day. 

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs H! It was the perfect wedding to end 2015.  

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Venue – Appin House | Hair – Hayley Rampling from Effectx Hair Salon | Make Up – Andrea Brewer from Finishing Touch Beauty | Dress – Anna Campbell’s “Alexandra” from The Babushka Ballerina | Shoes – Forever New | Flowers – Vickie Streeting from Victoria’s Blooms  |Cake – The Dessert Cupcakery | Stationery – First Impressions | Suit – ManPower | Cufflinks –

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