Cabbage Tree Lookout | Grosvale | Engagement | Holly & Brad

Holly and Brad chose the very scenic and peaceful surroundings at Cabbage Tree Lookout at Grosvale for their engagement session. This couple is so incredibly fun and sweet and it was so refreshing to have a good laugh with them.

Brad proposed to Holly at their favourite park. He had organised two of his closest friends to set up a surprise picnic that included an assortment of all of Holly’s favourite foods and even had music playing in the background – So romantic! But in disbelief that Brad could have set the picnic setting up, Holly was hesitant to follow him and ran away because she thought he was crashing someone else’s lunch! (How hilarious!!) He ran after her, got down on his knee and asked Holly to marry him… And then they enjoyed the gorgeous picnic he had prepared.

Holly and Brad are marrying at Bilpin Resort this winter. Their wedding is going to be a reflection of their personalities. It’s going to be a big party where they can laugh and celebrate with their closest friends and family. They’re going for a vintage/boho theme with splashes of colour and fun. Any celebration filled with personality and colour is one to look forward to! 

Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0278Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0279Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0280Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0281Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0282Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0283Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0284Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0285Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0286Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0287Cabbage Tree Lookout-Hawkesbury-Engagement-Wedding_0288

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