Choosing the colours for your wedding day is a pretty big decision. Do you use your favourite colours or will you try to create a specific mood with colour? Will the colours compliment the overall style or theme of your wedding or maybe the season of the year? Whatever helps you make your decision, have you thought about what colours photograph well? After all, your wedding photographs are what you have to preserve the memories of the day. A beautiful wedding is about attention to detail. 


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Wedding Colours that Photograph Well

After everything is said and done, one of the only lasting mementos from a wedding are the photographs. And what if the wedding colour scheme that you chose ends up looking different in the photographs? A bride needs to consider how well the colours that she chooses will photograph before it’s too late. But don’t fear… we’ve got some handy tips to help guide you in the color choosing process to make sure you choose colours that will compliment your big day and make you look stunning in your pictures.

Colour Is the New Black (and White)

According to photographers, all colours except for black and white photograph well. Because they are shades that are high contrast, a lot of care is needed when photographing them. White can take away the focal point of the picture, while it is difficult to capture details when photographing the colour black. If you do use them, use them in a complimentary sense (i.e. for anything else other than your wedding dress). Highlight the details you want to stand out with white, while other details that you would rather have a little shaded can be in black.

Big and Bold

Big, bold colours will draw your eye. When you pick your wedding colour palette, your accent colour could be very vibrant and bold so that the detail is always picked up in photographs, therefore making it more noticeable. Take advantage, and have fun with it! Put those incredibly thoughtful and unique details in a gorgeous bold colours and you will see your details come to life.

Wedding Colors 03-1

Putting the Colour In Your World

The colours that you choose will set the tone of your entire wedding. If you prefer a more romantic vibe at your wedding, go for mute, neutral colours that will create a soft vibe. If you want a more bold celebration, follow that with daring colour combinations such as deep orange and turquoise, that will make your guests want to party.

Wedding Colors 01

Compliment Your Surroundings

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider warm tones, such as burgundy, pink, plum, yellow, red or tangerine. This will give your photo colour palette a very complex and flattering range, which will enhance your wedding photos. Decorate your reception in similar shades so that your bridal attire compliments the décor, rather than clashes with it.

Wedding Colors 04

Be Inspired By the Season

Let yourself be inspired by the season. Autumn leaves give you a wonderful array of colours to choose from, and will photograph especially well against the scenery; the romantic hues of spring inspire a neutral and blush palette; the summer greenery give you the opportunity to go a little crazy with colour; and winter can inspire you to find warmth in colour.

Wedding Colors 02

By choosing three or four colours that compliment each other and work within their shades, you will find that your wedding will photograph beautifully. Remember, not every item has to be in the exact colours you chose – in fact, they shouldn’t. Work within the shades for colours that compliment without being too matchy-matchy. 

Guest blogpost by SimplyBridal. Images supplied by SimplyBridal.

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Thank you SimplyBridal! I hope that this post has helped all the brides out there in the selection of their wedding colour palette. What will your wedding colours be?

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