Family sessions are always special, but this one in particular was moving to me. Recent photographs can provide enjoyment and entertainment right now, but in the future they will hold memories. It is about capturing memories that you want to preserve for your future years. It is about conveying the essence of a person or people as you remember them to be because in the future you will hold that essence dear to your heart. 

I was honoured to photograph Gaye with her family. Devastatingly, Gaye has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was a great opportunity to get the family together to capture memories – Memories of a large family full of personality! It was a fun session with Pinwheels and coloured wigs and funny people! I enjoyed being part of the family for that afternoon – it gave me insight into the life of an amazingly strong woman who is absolutely adored by her family. 

Sickness and disease suck! And other than offering support and comfort and sending your love and well wishes, I would like to say – Despite of what life has dealt you, you live and you love and you laugh! Your strength is inspiring, your smile and laugh are infectious and your love is eternal. You are a blessing to the earth and what a legacy you have given it by the love that you have shown and the life of your daughter and granddaughter. Much love to you always.


Here is an assortment of some of my favourites.



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