About Newborn Sessions

If you are after newborn photos that are simple, real and balanced carefully with a little bit of posing, then Bless Photography is the perfect fit for you. We offer a perfect balance between posed and natural newborn photography. The most important priority to us is that we capture every detail that makes your baby who they are. We love to use some props and cute little hats, but most importantly, we love to capture your little person interacting as naturally as possible.

Any photographer that you research will suggest that you book in a newborn session within the first two weeks of your new baby’s life. “Why up to two weeks?,” you may be thinking. Well, the reason for this recommendation is that during the first couple of weeks a baby is the littlest, the sleepiest and the stillest he/she will ever be. Within the first couple of weeks, still very fresh from inside the womb, a baby retains a flexible, curled up position which a photographer can use to their advantage when posing them during their session.

After the two week mark it is common for the emergence of neonatal acne and peeling on babies skin. And the older that a baby gets, the stronger, stretchier and more awake they become which can make it very tricky to achieve sleepy, cute poses that you may very much desire. The best place to start when booking a newborn session is to work out what’s important to you. Do you want sleepy shots that emphasise the petite size and cuteness of your newborn baby or do you want images of your baby when they are a little older, fuller and starting to express some personality?

Every newborn or baby session is unpredictable. We plan the session, but at the end of the day it all falls into the hands of how baby is on the day. As a general rule, the younger your little one is, the more likely we are able to achieve curled up, sleepy poses. If this is what you would like to achieve, then make sure to book your baby in within the first weeks of life. If you would prefer the latter, you may be lucky and have a very cooperative baby that gives us a chance to get sleepy photographs as well! But the older a baby is, generally the harder it is to achieve those results.


“When should I book?” –  If you are after newborn images (meaning images in the first weeks of your baby’s life), then book the session before their arrival. Book your session giving us your due date. We will work out a tentative date and keep in touch to confirm or reschedule if need be. We recommend booking now as things can get busy and time can get away! You don’t want to miss out! If you are after baby images (meaning images from about 4 weeks onwards), then you have the freedom to book in your session whenever you like keeping in mind that booking 4 weeks ahead is recommended.

“Does a newborn session include images with mum, dad and siblings?”It does or it doesn’t, the choice is yours! Generally there will be a couple of shots with mum, dad and a sibling or two. When you book your session you have the opportunity to inform us of any requests that you have.

“How does it work? Do we come to you?” – Bless Photography comes to you in your own home environment. This is the most comfortable place for you and your new baby to be. Your home also gives the session a more personal and intimate feel. We come to your home and bring with us a posing bag, some props, blankets and beanies. All that we ask is that we have access to a room with plenty of natural light and minimal clutter.

“How long can we expect the session to take?” – A newborn or baby session will run between 2-3 hours. We work with your baby to achieve the best results. This means that we stop to settle and to feed your little one when need be.

“How does image selection work? ” – After your session, I will upload all the photos that were taken into an online gallery and send you an email invitation to view it. You will then have the fun task of picking out your favourite images to be edited (either 15 or 25 depending on the collection you purchased.) Your edited selection will be supplied to you as full resolution jpegs in both colour and black and white. The remaining unedited images will also be supplied to you as full resolution jpegs.

Tips before your session:

1. Try to keep your baby awake before the session. Giving them a bath is a great way to keep them awake and to tire them out.

2. Try to avoid feeding until the start of the session. On my arrival, there will be time to feed whilst I set up.

3. If there are young siblings participating in the session, make sure that they have full tummies.

I hope that this information helps you plan your newborn session. I can’t wait to meet your little one!

For Newborn Rates please click here or for more information please contact me at tamar@blessphotography.com.au or 0423 310 931