I spent this gorgeous golden afternoon with Adela & her mum & dad to celebrate the joyous occasion of her fourth birthday. I had the pleasure of taking this cutie pie’s photos a whole year ago for her birthday last year, so I was no stranger.  

For those of you who know Adela, I’m sure you would agree that she has a very loud personality!!! She likes to lead the way, her cleverness exceeds her years, she would likely choose Spiderman over Barbie, she is constantly full of beans & she always has something to say! I honestly don’t know how such a big personality fits inside her little self!!

We had a lovely time finding fairies, playing in the Autumn leaves, climbing trees & capturing some precious memories for Adela to look back on one day. 

Fab – Adela’s mum, had brought a gorgeous floral dress along to the shoot with some “Must Have’s” that Adela had insisted. We spent so much time trying to talk Adela into changing into her sweet dress, but she would have none of it! – (being the tom boy that she is!) I’d given up. There was no way that she was going to agree… But somehow a promise to accompany her down the slippery slide changed everything!!!! I was so stoked to be able to capture some moments of Adela looking like a proper little lady! I had about a minute to capture some serene shots whilst she agreed to sit still. She is just so adventurous & playful!!

Happy Birthday Adela Esme! Wishing you a new wonderful year of wonder, growing, learning & playing!

Until next time xx

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Lovely daughter – Lynette, organised a surprise photography session for her parents – Betty & Malcolm, in celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary. What made this shoot extra special was the choice of location – St Thomas’ Anglican Church, North Sydney. This was the church that Betty & Malcolm were married 60 years ago. It had also seen them through their younger years of life with their families. 

And what a surprise it was! Neither Betty or Malcolm were prepared for this! They thought they were going out for lunch with the family! 

Planned on a lovely Autumn morning, the historical sandstone of the church, along with the earthy richness that Autumn provides  – we had a lovely golden start to the day in the gardens. We were very lucky to have been given some time to enter the church and not only enjoy the magnificent architecture, but reminisce at the significant occasion that was held there those 60 years ago. 

It was very special & I was very blessed to have been given the opportunity to capture new memories at a place that already holds so many precious ones so close to both Betty & Malcolm’s heart’s. 

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Darling Hannah celebrated her first birthday with a Smash the Cake shoot – Bless Photography’s first!

The dainty little sweetheart wasn’t too keen to get her hands all sticky! Or maybe it was just uncertainty?

Eventually (after some help from mum), Hannah got right into touching & tasting this delicious birthday cake!

I had a perfectly pleasant afternoon photographing this little lady at her own picnic & very much look forward to my next Smash the Cake session!

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I was very lucky to have been able to document the very chic occasion of Cherylle & Maurice’s engagement party! 

Hosted at the Empire Hotel in Annandale – This party oozed class and character! Served cocktails and nibblies, the celebrations continued long into the evening. Too long for Evan (Cherylle & Maurice’s little toddler) to see it through! 

This occasion was shared amongst family & friends. There was so much love!

Thanks so much for letting me take part in your evening & I hope that these photographs will forever remind you of the love in your lives!

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Belgenny Farm | Camden South | Wedding | Kylie & Alistair

The 15th of March 2013 marked a special moment in history for Bless Photography. This was our first wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was!! Its been a few years since a little seed was planted in my heart. And this day saw that seed sprout!

My sister in-law & her fiancé (at the time) planned a beautiful wedding at Belgenny farm. From the dress, to the flowers, the glittery shoes (a DIY project of the bride’s – can you believe it!?), the details, the beautiful company and the amazing rural surroundings – this wedding was picture perfect!

I had an amazing time documenting this very special occasion and I am so excited for the future! This is just the beginning. We are just stretching our legs. My heart is so full and this dream of mine is closer within my reach than ever.  

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This week is a massive week for Bless Photography as this friday, the 15th of March, is our first ever wedding that we’re shooting on our own!


How did I get here!? I want to reflect…

2009 – A photography assignment at university sparks an interest in me and I imagine what it would be like in a reality where Matt (my husband) and I work together at weddings. My husband is the owner/videographer at Matt Porter Videography and at this stage, had started building his business to film weddings. At this time, I was working towards becoming an interior designer and this idea was only a thought that I discarded easily as it just wasn’t on my path. 

2010 – My first wedding assisting my husband. It was here that the crazy idea that I had dreamed of the previous year was affirmed by not only my heart and mind, but my husband too. This was an exciting realisation, but also a scary one! Goodbye interior design.

2011 – I start my photography course. Work hard. Save hard. Buy our first home. Get married.

2012 – I complete my photography course and start building up my portfolio and experience in portraiture. In the second half of the year, I established my business – Bless Photography.

2013 – Juggling two jobs, I am building the foundation for Bless to spread her wings. On March the 15th 2013, Bless Photography has her first wedding!!

The rest is unwritten as of yet, but my dream is for Bless Photography to become my full time work, offering portrait and wedding photography.

I am so excited to shoot my first wedding. I’ll be nervous I know, but honestly I’m more excited than anything else! I’ll be buzzing on the day!

Who wants to shoot weddings? “I do!”

A wedding is such a precious day. It marks the date that you make a commitment to your one and only to spend the rest of your days with them. From the start of the day, through to the end and all that goes between – the butterflies before the ceremony, the first glances exchanged, the emotional declarations, the after celebrations, the finer details and the good company…Who would like to capture the goings on of a day like this? I scream, “I do, I do!” Who would like to make hard copies of the memories of this day? “Me, me. Pick me,” I shout. 

I want to document weddings. I want to catch the emotions of the day in my camera. I want to capture the entire day and the finer details in a natural way. 

My dream is to shoot weddings, first on my own and then by my husband’s side. I know we’ll make an awesome team. And then we’ll be able to provide stills and live motion footage to capture the day in all its realness and emotion. I can’t wait. 

Who wants to shoot weddings? “I do!”

Please enjoy some of my favourite frames from my bridal shoot with my schoolmates Natalie & Dean. They are a beautiful couple! This gives you a taste of what’s to come for Bless Photography once we start weddings!!




Can’t wait to share the wedding on friday! Stay tuned.

Love, T



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 I was lucky enough to meet Laura through a friend. I am always looking out for people that I can collaborate with on creative projects. When I contacted Laura to ask if she would like to work with me on this shoot, I didn’t actually realise that she is an agency model! I feel so blessed that she was so keen to work with me and that we worked so well together. 

The concept behind this shoot was “Lady of the Lake.” Words that painted this concept furthermore were “Elegance, Grace, Femininity and Natural Beauty.”

I wanted to portray the effortless beauty and grace of a woman in a soft, subtly intimate and romantic manner using soft sunset light and vintage fashion. I wanted to express an intimate, almost fragile side of beauty by immersing my subject fully clothed in a lake.  

Laura was the perfect model for the shoot. We used the gorgeous Wheeney Creek in the Hawkesbury for the location. Her 6.2 ft frame showcased a collection of vintage pieces that she had borrowed from her mother. Laura couldn’t help but naturally exude an effortless grace in her movements and in the manner in which she held herself. 

I am beyond pleased with the result of this collaboration! The images have a nostalgic and classic beauty about them that I could have only hoped they would. Thank you to the lovely Laura Nicols. You are a true beauty and not just outward. 

P.s Let me leave you with this image – Here we are, gorgeous Laura with her magnificent height of 6.2ft and myself, maybe 5.7ft. We are making our way to the location through the creek (yup, through the water, camera gear and all…) and here you have Laura leading the way, the water maybe a quarter up her shins. Her strides are effortless and graceful. She is not phased by the water or the soft, shifting sand at her feet. Then there’s me. I am about 3 metres behind Laura, the water is hitting my knees and as I am sloshing through it, I am sinking in patches of soft sand, splashing & losing balance. It was one of those moments you would see in a comedy film. I guess you just had to be there!! It’s times like these that remind me to ease up and not take myself too seriously!






















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Jess & Josh welcomed their first born child on the 21st of December 2012. Having went to school with both Jess & Josh, it still seems so unbelievable that we have all grown up! 

It was such a pleasure to photograph this gorgeous little family at such a very special time. At just 8 days old, little Maverick Joshua really didn’t want any of our shoot (poor little man!) – It just seemed like it wasn’t his day. But despite this, I was able to capture some really natural & precious moments. Some adoring glances exchanged between husband and wife and doting ones on a perfect little baby boy.

The name  Maverick originates from America in the 19th century.

Maverick: “An independent man who avoids conformity. ” 

Though only a little man now, I believe Maverick will grow to become a strong leader in Christ. 

Thank you to the Sylvester family for inviting me into your home & sharing this afternoon with me. xoxo

By the end of the shoot, he sure was ready for a snooze!!!


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Darling Hallie is so gorgeous. She looks just like a little porcelain doll. She’s perfect in every way. It was such a pleasure to spend time with Candice & Justin to take pictures of their first baby. 

I looked up the meaning of Hallie and thought I’d share it:

Hallie is of English origin meaning:

“Praise the Lord” and is a shortened version of “Hallelujah.” 

Other sources had other meanings from different countries, but the above was my favourite. Hallie was made in God’s image. And she is beautiful. 

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I was lucky enough to spend some time with these very good looking young folk! Shane and Jamie are brothers and they wanted to get some photographs together with Sheridan – Shane’s wife, and Sonya – Jamie’s partner.

It was a morning shoot and a really hot day – It was only 8.30am and we were already sticky! But despite this, Shane & Sheridan & Jamie & Sonya were FABULOUS, the light was PRETTY, the location was PERFECT and the photos, well you can see for yourself.

I have a very candid and natural approach to my photographic style. I love to catch people being themselves and interacting naturally. This group are young, fun and beautiful & were totally up for my ideas & over-excitedness!  – All I could ask for as a photographer! 

Whilst editing these photos, I was reminded to LIVE & LOVE & LAUGH & ENJOY & TREASURE this precious life with those in our lives. 


Thanks guys for an amazing shoot and for reminding how precious family love is and how soothing it is to laugh! xxx 

P.s Even the two “Werrington wandering” emus wanted a piece of our shoot!


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