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Glenbrook | Engagement | Naomi & Anthony

Naomi and Anthony met each other at church. Their circles were close and they knew of each other for quite some time before Anthony made his move. After six months of dating they knew that they were meant to be and became engaged.

They used the most gorgeous garden for their session. Naomi currently resides in a small cottage at the back of someone’s property. The owners are avid gardeners and having been building their eden for almost forty years. It was green and lush and the flowers were in bloom. But I’d have to say that my favourite part about it was it’s character and charm. It was the perfect setting for these lovebirds.

Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0012
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0013
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0014
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0015
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0016
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0017
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0018
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0019
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0020
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0021
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0022
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0023
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0024
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0025
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Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0027
Glenbrook_Engagement_Bless Photography_0028
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