Ironbark Hill | Pokolbin | Wedding | Nicole & Kyle

Kyle and Nicole got hitched at the gorgeously scenic Ironbark Hill in the Hunter Valley. It was the perfect location for this lovely, fun couple to say I do. Kyle is my sister-in-law’s brother – (we recently shot her wedding too), so it was so special to be invited into their family again to capture this special day.

During the ceremony, the heavens opened and rain poured down over the chapel, but before the celebrations moved outside into the vineyard and the reception, the rain stopped and the golden sunshine broke through the clouds – It was almost magical. We spent a sun drenched afternoon at a nearby property and in the Ironbark Hill vineyard looking over the magnificent Hunter Valley views in the prettiest, ethereal light.

They had an intimate banquet style reception inspired by a rustic, woodsy theme. They had the most colourful and delicious dessert table I’ve ever seen! The groom’s dad lent a hand in making all the timber rounds for the tea-light candle holders and cake stands as well as hanging the fairy lights and greenery from the ceiling. The clever cookie also made the ring holder! The very creative bride also showed off some DIY in making all the stationery herself as well as some of the desserts!

It was a beautifully and personally styled occasion that continued late into the night with everyone boogie-ing away on the dance floor to some live tracks performed by Jake Folbigg. At the end of the night, I don’t think anyone wanted to leave!

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Venue – Ironbark Hill | Dress – Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal and Evening | Make-up – Trista | Hair – Fringez Hair | Bridesmaid Dresses – Sheike | Flowers – Valley Fresh Flowers | Stationery – Made by the bride | Cake – Wild Rose Sweets and Styling | Macarons – Fifi La Femme | Mini Cheesecakes – Made by the bride | Musician – Jake Folbigg

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