Bilpin Resort | Hawkesbury | Wedding | Hannah & Phil

Hannah and Phil married in the very woodsy “Secret Circle” at Bilpin Resort. Some compare the experience as walking into the Twilight films and I find that it brings up nostalgia of The Magic faraway Tree books from my childhood. I tell you, you might just want to believe in fairies after you see this place. And the mushrooms!!!

Hannah infused this celebration with her love for foxes, rabbits and the enchanted. The aisle was lined with ceramic mushrooms, plush rabbits tree stumps and faux fox tails. They married beneath an arch of flowers and vines. The guests sat along the tree trunk benches in the centre of the Secret Circle, to watch this sweet couple say their I do’s. It is literally a circle clearing within the woods. It is very magical and enchanting.

The woodsy theme followed us into the reception where there were plenty more fox and rabbit appearances, vine bunting and gorgeous blooms.

This was a beautiful and enchanted day. I loved the DIY and personal touches.

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Venue – Bilpin Resort 

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