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Larissa and Rich met each other at work in Canberra. Having both grown up in Sydney, they made the trek back home to celebrate their special day with their families.

They were married at St Martin’s Anglican Church in Kilara followed by a reception at Curzon Hall. Both the church and the venue were ornate and grand giving the overall feel of the wedding an elegance and charm. Following their ceremony, they had photographs at the stunning Wendy’s Garden in Lavender Bay – This is one of my favourite spots as the garden is gorgeous and in walking distance to the water where there is an amazing view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The reception was stunning – The high ceilings and ornate architecture of Curzon has a grandeur like no other. The selection of flowers reflected the elegance that was seen throughout the whole day. As favours, Larissa and Rich had Fortune cookies containing Bible verses.

The first dance and the father/daughter dance featured impressive choreographed routines. And to finish the evening off, we were able to break away out into the darkness to do a slow exposure sparkler shot.

 Penrith Wedding Photography_0086Penrith Wedding Photography_0087Penrith Wedding Photography_0088Penrith Wedding Photography_0089Penrith Wedding Photography_0090Penrith Wedding Photography_0091Penrith Wedding Photography_0092Penrith Wedding Photography_0093

St Martin’s Anglican Church is a beautiful, traditional church in Killara.

Penrith Wedding Photography_0094Penrith Wedding Photography_0095Penrith Wedding Photography_0096Penrith Wedding Photography_0097Penrith Wedding Photography_0098Penrith Wedding Photography_0099

Wendy’s Garden and Curzon Hall were the perfect locations for their photographs.

Penrith Wedding Photography_0100Penrith Wedding Photography_0101Penrith Wedding Photography_0102Penrith Wedding Photography_0103Penrith Wedding Photography_0104Penrith Wedding Photography_0105Penrith Wedding Photography_0106

Curzon Hall is so grand and elegant. It was the perfect venue for their wedding.

Penrith Wedding Photography_0107Penrith Wedding Photography_0108Penrith Wedding Photography_0109

It’s always a great idea to break away (if you can) and take some photos in the late, golden light when the sun is setting.

Penrith Wedding Photography_0110Penrith Wedding Photography_0111Penrith Wedding Photography_0112Penrith Wedding Photography_0113

Choreographed dances were very entertaining and impressive. They were fun and heartfelt.

Penrith Wedding Photography_0114Penrith Wedding Photography_0115

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