Photographing my niece’s newborn session was very special. Luna Rose…Isn’t that a lovely name?!

Living in the country suburbs of Newcastle (so in the middle of nowhere!!!) , this was my first time meeting Luna. She was 13 days old and completely beautiful and perfect. We conducted her session at her home though looking at the images in this blog you would easily be fooled that it was in a studio environment. It is amazing what a large window and light walls can do. If you are planning to have a newborn session at home, make sure you have a nice open space, free of clutter with access to plenty of light. Light walls also help.

Luna wriggled and cried throughout her shoot. It took us a while to settle her. Tummy pains did not help. But after some perseverance, patience and pee (Luna peeed all over me!) we had a happy little girl that we were able to pose and photograph with ease.

Luna’s mother, Emily, organised a prop and some letters to spell Luna’s name. Thinking of some creative or personal ideas is a great way to make your newborn session unique and personal. I was very pleased with the results! This little sweetheart has the most gorgeous lips and chubby cheeks! Take a look for yourself.


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