I recently paired up with a dear friend to capture the story of a young romance in the setting of a vintage styled picnic.

Jess Sylvester & I have been friends since high school. Falling out of touch for a short while, we were rekindled by our early chapters of growing up – through our marriages & soon after, the birth of Jess’s first child. I had the pleasure of photographing Jess’s maternity & newborn shoots in the earlier days of Bless Photography. She has supported me in my journey as a photographer. 

Jess has always had a knack of making pretty crafty things & putting pieces together such as flower arrangements, centre pieces for table spreads & gifts. She has built a collection of vintage & antique pieces over the years for her own use & enjoyment. Her passion for styling & creating beautiful things has grown into a dream for her life. She has recently started her own styling blog & is establishing her business – a mothers niche. Visit her Facebook page here.

I approached Jess about a month ago in regards to teaming up on shoots. We agreed that Jess’s styling & my photography would work hand in hand to achieve something very special & unique. This collection of images showcases our vey first collaboration! The shoot was nothing short of perfection! Shooting in the later hours of the day – the light was soft & romantic, the location was wild & rustic, the picnic setting was so deliciously styled & the couple were so delightful!

As two artists, Jess & I were able to envision, design, feel & project a story that needs no words. It tells the story of a young love – a first love. There is a sense of endearment, adoration, playfulness…Doe eye’s & gushing gazes! It has a romantic, nostalgic & whimsical feel that reminds one of that young, carefree age…The promise of your first true love.

Aimee & Jacob were incredible. They are such a gorgeous couple with a beautiful future ahead. We couldn’t have done this without you two & are very thankful for being able to have you add to our vision & express such a tangible love!

Please enjoy Jess & my first shoot together. The first of many more!

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