I spent this gorgeous golden afternoon with Adela & her mum & dad to celebrate the joyous occasion of her fourth birthday. I had the pleasure of taking this cutie pie’s photos a whole year ago for her birthday last year, so I was no stranger.  

For those of you who know Adela, I’m sure you would agree that she has a very loud personality!!! She likes to lead the way, her cleverness exceeds her years, she would likely choose Spiderman over Barbie, she is constantly full of beans & she always has something to say! I honestly don’t know how such a big personality fits inside her little self!!

We had a lovely time finding fairies, playing in the Autumn leaves, climbing trees & capturing some precious memories for Adela to look back on one day. 

Fab – Adela’s mum, had brought a gorgeous floral dress along to the shoot with some “Must Have’s” that Adela had insisted. We spent so much time trying to talk Adela into changing into her sweet dress, but she would have none of it! – (being the tom boy that she is!) I’d given up. There was no way that she was going to agree… But somehow a promise to accompany her down the slippery slide changed everything!!!! I was so stoked to be able to capture some moments of Adela looking like a proper little lady! I had about a minute to capture some serene shots whilst she agreed to sit still. She is just so adventurous & playful!!

Happy Birthday Adela Esme! Wishing you a new wonderful year of wonder, growing, learning & playing!

Until next time xx

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