This week is a massive week for Bless Photography as this friday, the 15th of March, is our first ever wedding that we’re shooting on our own!


How did I get here!? I want to reflect…

2009 – A photography assignment at university sparks an interest in me and I imagine what it would be like in a reality where Matt (my husband) and I work together at weddings. My husband is the owner/videographer at Matt Porter Videography and at this stage, had started building his business to film weddings. At this time, I was working towards becoming an interior designer and this idea was only a thought that I discarded easily as it just wasn’t on my path. 

2010 – My first wedding assisting my husband. It was here that the crazy idea that I had dreamed of the previous year was affirmed by not only my heart and mind, but my husband too. This was an exciting realisation, but also a scary one! Goodbye interior design.

2011 – I start my photography course. Work hard. Save hard. Buy our first home. Get married.

2012 – I complete my photography course and start building up my portfolio and experience in portraiture. In the second half of the year, I established my business – Bless Photography.

2013 – Juggling two jobs, I am building the foundation for Bless to spread her wings. On March the 15th 2013, Bless Photography has her first wedding!!

The rest is unwritten as of yet, but my dream is for Bless Photography to become my full time work, offering portrait and wedding photography.

I am so excited to shoot my first wedding. I’ll be nervous I know, but honestly I’m more excited than anything else! I’ll be buzzing on the day!

Who wants to shoot weddings? “I do!”

A wedding is such a precious day. It marks the date that you make a commitment to your one and only to spend the rest of your days with them. From the start of the day, through to the end and all that goes between – the butterflies before the ceremony, the first glances exchanged, the emotional declarations, the after celebrations, the finer details and the good company…Who would like to capture the goings on of a day like this? I scream, “I do, I do!” Who would like to make hard copies of the memories of this day? “Me, me. Pick me,” I shout. 

I want to document weddings. I want to catch the emotions of the day in my camera. I want to capture the entire day and the finer details in a natural way. 

My dream is to shoot weddings, first on my own and then by my husband’s side. I know we’ll make an awesome team. And then we’ll be able to provide stills and live motion footage to capture the day in all its realness and emotion. I can’t wait. 

Who wants to shoot weddings? “I do!”

Please enjoy some of my favourite frames from my bridal shoot with my schoolmates Natalie & Dean. They are a beautiful couple! This gives you a taste of what’s to come for Bless Photography once we start weddings!!




Can’t wait to share the wedding on friday! Stay tuned.

Love, T



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